Blogroll requests

A few readers have asked me to add them to the blogroll over the last few weeks. I’m happy to do so, but I don’t feel like data-mining my email to dig them out. Please post your information here in the comments; information is defined as the name of the blog and the related URL. For those of you who are either socially challenged or new to blogging, it is also generally considered de rigeur to feature a reasonably prominent link to the blogger of whom you are making the request.

That being said, if I can’t be bothered to dig through my own email, what are the chances I’m going to bother verifying that you are operating your blog in accordance with blogosphere etiquette?

If I sound a bit world-weary, it’s only because I’m about to engage in a filthy activity that raises real questions in my mind with regards to who, exactly, is the master in this house, followed by more last-minute scribbling before Volume III goes to press. While I’m pleased that the text bits were well received, adding two more one week before going gold is not my idea of the safe and wise approach to publishing.