Be free, my brothers, my sisters, be free

Now we’re getting somewhere. The browsers visiting this blog of late:

52.53 percent: Internet Explorer
36.36 percent: Firefox
07.07 percent: Mozilla/Netscape
02.02 percent: Opera

Space Bunny and I live in an Opera house, but I’d encourage those of you in the Explorer group to consider moving over to Firefox, Mozilla or Opera. Seriously, it’s worth it. And remember two things: 1) Bill Gates gives large sums of money to left-wing causes*. 2) Every time someone switches to a non-Microsoft browser, an angel gets its wings.

It’s nice to see the Linux/Unix percentage climb up to six percent too. Switching OS is much harder than switching browsers – I still have to boot into XP two or three times a day myself – but I’m pleased to see more people continue to take the plunge and break out of Windows. By the way, the new OpenOffice 1.1.3 is out and runs very nicely. Not a whole lot in the way of new features – OO 2.0 looks like the potential Word/Excel/Powerpoint-killer – but it’s solid, pretty and eliminates any need to pay for a Word or Excel upgrade ever again even if you have to stick with a Windows OS.

* From Salon: In 1997, Bill Gates contributed $35,000 in support of a Washington state ballot initiative supporting gun control. In 1993, he ponied up $80,000 to fight a conservative initiative seeking to roll back state taxes. And ever since 1994, the William H. Gates III Foundation, Bill’s private philanthropic funnel, has been busy channeling millions to groups that specialize in “reproductive health and family planning….Look at the personal checkbook record: pro taxes, pro birth control, against guns. The evidence is clear — Bill Gates is a bleeding heart do-gooder liberal.