Blowing up Jamie

That reminds me, Vox, 200 pounds on my first set of bench now: 10 reps, no spot. 210 with a spot towards the end. I’ve regained a fair bit of my old strength and size. So you’re doing, what, 225 first set?

Actually, I’ve been going pretty light for the last two months after injuring my hand. I need to get some neoprene gloves with better padding before I go back to lifting anything in the 300 range. Space Bunny has me doing supersets in order to cut up a bit, so on the bench I’m doing four sets of 10-12 at 195 followed immediately by 10-15 flies at 40.

Since I switched to the Perfect Aryan Male’s program, I’ve actually only done two sets of six at 225 for starters. (Following a warmup at 135, of course.) What you’re probably remembering is the two sets of 10 at 225 at the end to rep out.

But since soccer starts soon, I’ll probably stick to Space Bunny’s program for the nonce. It’s impossible to keep your strength up with all that running around.