Mailvox: Repent!

Ihatedashrub considers a new confession of faith:

Craig, you deal in generalities more than anyone who posts on this blog or did you forget the time you told me to repent for the mere fact I’m a registered Democrat.

Well, did you, Shrub? In case you forgot, this is ground zero for the Cthulhu 2008 campaign. Slogan: “Why Vote For The Lesser Evil?”

We’re still in negotiations with Azathoth with regards to the vice-presidency. Shub-Niggurath was eager to dip her many cloven toes into the pool, but the Mighty Tentacled One didn’t feel the nation is ready yet for two evil Elder gods wearing female form running for national office, considering the likelihood that “Hillary Clinton” will do so in 2008.

There is still some debate continuing over whether our slogan might be counterproductive, as both Susan Estrich and Ralph Reed agreed that there are many Americans who might view Mighty Cthulhu as the lesser evil when viewed in comparison with “Hillary Clinton”.