Can’t stand it, I know you planned it

I do wish Blogger would let you when it’s going out to lunch and isn’t registering a post, and when it is simply taking it’s own sweet time. Hence the double-dribble, sorry. Anyhow, Bruce, fronting is a basketball term which simply means “stay in front of”. So, if you’re fronting someone, you’re keeping yourself between them and the ball in an attempt to prevent a pass.

“Fronting the post. We front the post when the ball is below the foul line extended and the offensive player is on the block. If the ball goes above the foul line extended then we three quarter the post with an arm and leg. Remember you should have weak side help against any lob pass. If the offensive player goes off the block then we play behind the post.”

The danger of fronting is that if the other team can manage to pass in to the post anyhow, it’s an easy basket. So a short player can’t effectively front a taller player, Steve Nash can’t front on Kevin Garnett. From this derives the tangential concepts of an inability to effectively deal with or defend against something, or, alternatively, to portray a false image.

What I wrote yesterday was, of course, a direct quote from the Beastie Boys awesome “So Wat’cha Want”, off 1992’s CHECK YOUR HEAD. While I was down with PE, Big Chilly was a huge Beasties fan. I can’t hear them without thinking of the old days in the Digital Ghetto. Good times.

Where’d you get your information from, you think that you can front when revelation comes? Yeah, you can’t front on that.