Code words

From the Washington Times:

Republican media adviser R. Gregory Stevens, who recently served as co-chairman of the Bush/Cheney Entertainment Task Force, was found dead Saturday in the Hollywood home of actress Carrie Fisher…. A flamboyant personality and bicoastal bachelor, Mr. Stevens was regarded as something of a misfit in the corridors of the buttoned-down lobbying firm, and yet “had a large circle who he touched. His life was a journey, not a destination,” said one member of the firm. “He was always fun and entertaining.”

This could get interesting, considering all the Democratic threats to out gay Republicans. I’ve never heard of the unfortunate Mr. Stevens before, but seeing the words “flamboyant” and “bicoastal bachelor” strikes me as being rather similar to those crime reports where the legacy media strangely happens to leave out the description of the murder suspect. VPQF, can we get a ruling?

I rather doubt that the late Hunter S. Thompson’s recent suicide was sparked by fears of being outed as a gay Republican, but then, you never really know.

UPDATE: Snowdog pronounces a verdict: Well, the words “flamboyant” and “bachelor” used in the same sentence would be a huge warning sign. “BI-coastal” has certain implications. Part of the “Entertainment Task Force?” He was SO gay.