I did say they were irrational

From the Rev. Moon-owned UPI:

Two developments are plaguing atheism these days. One is that it appears to be losing its scientific underpinnings. The other is the historical experience of hundreds of millions of people worldwide that atheists are in no position to claim the moral high ground.

Writes Turkish philosopher Harun Yahya, “Atheism, which people have tried to for hundreds of years as ‘the ways of reason and science,’ is proving to be mere irrationality and ignorance.”

I don’t completely agree with the ignorance bit, although I’ve been open to it ever since hearing the lamentations of a mother who didn’t believe in discipline complaining about the latest shenanigans of her son while happening to have a Bible open to the bit about an undisciplined child being a mother’s curse. I suppose

But most atheists are hopelessly irrational, being moral parasites wholly dependent upon the very belief systems in which they claim no faith.

And before anyone begins an indignant commentary on how they have personally developed their own highly refined moral system, consider these two points. 1. Is it likely that the extraordinarily close similarities between the moralities of your supposedly independent system, every other atheist’s supposedly independent system and the heavily Christian system by which Western culture is dominated is simply a huge coincidence? 2. Whence come the moralities of those atheists who, by every indication, have given no thought whatsoever to the matter?