I always appreciate a good rant

Skip Bayless whales on Oscar-nominated “Million Dollar Baby”:

I’m probably wrong, but I’ve never heard of a trainer or cut man saving a fight by snapping a fighter’s broken nose back in place so the bleeding would stop.

And I have never, ever heard of a fighter getting sucker punched as he (or she) walks back to her corner after a round, then falling against the stool the trainer has just placed back in the ring and breaking his (or her) neck. That’s what happens to Maggie during her big title fight. I’m not making this up.

Yet in the hospital, Frankie reminds her that, well, she lost. So does her heartless trailer-trash mother. Preposterous. Her opponent would have have been disqualified.

Needless to say, I haven’t seen the movie. Nor did the merest possibility of the thought ever contemplate beginning to cross my mind. But in combination with movies such as “Bull Durham”, another movie I refuse to see, it’s clear that “Million Dollar Baby” confirms a distinct movie genre: the sports-related chick flick.