Mailvox: Proof that school is not learning

A missive from KG:

I have never written a response to a columnist before, ever, so please bear with me, I am a little nervous. I am a 40 year old mother of 6. 3 boys, 3 girls, ranging in age from 18 to 2. I have not had any “formal” education past high school, and even while in high school, I began to realize that IF I were to receive any sort of real knowledge, I should begin to take responsibility for it myself.

I started with a list of “classic literature” I found at the back of a book called “War and Peace”, which I had heard a few time referred to as a “classic novel”. I started going down the list, borrowing what I could find (which even back then was becoming difficult), and buying some when ever I had enough money to do so. Thus began my real education….

Your comments regarding the lack of appreciation at the opportunity women today have to obtain a real education, as well as them squandering and frittering away their brains in nonsense are very accurate. I wish I had the opportunities these women had. I considered them so blessed, but at the same time I am astounded at the calibre of character and mental acuity that these women possess after 3 and often more years of “higher” education.

I truly believe that one of the best ways to dumb down the masses, and numb their desire for knowledge and truth is to attack those whom have the most power to influence them against such dangers. The future mothers. I see it all around me, and now, even my children see it. Mothers, women, aunts, grandmothers, so wrapped up in their new “modern” roles. They hold a job, and take care of the home, and raise children…wow…bow down to these Super Women. They talk about their ability to juggle all, still climb the corporate ladder, and have lovely homes, educated, active and enlightened children, and wonderful family vacations.

They are full of pride at their abilities to be like men. Yuck! Who wants or needs manly women? Really, who needs them? Men exist, and are wired the way they are because they need to be that way. We need women to be women. I guess that is why more and more men are being feminized, to take up the unnatural role women have abdicated by allowed themselves to be duped into adopting unnatural masculinity for themselves.

What I see now is the the foot prints of these “women” on the backs of the mind-numbed, empty headed, cold hearted children. I see their footprints on the backs of their beaten down husbands, who must compete now with their wives in intellect, status, earnings, and parenting. I see their footprints in the future of our countries. Smashed homes, aimless children who have no solid foundation in their world, men who wonder if it really is true that they are animals after all….

My husband is a computer engineer, and I can tell you from his experience, even the women that are educated in math and sciences still don’t know how to think. I don’t understand it, it’s like common sense and basic logic is incapable of inhabiting a modern woman’s mind. The women my husband has met and worked with are all considered to be “well educated”, but he tells me that for some reason, they are unable to do their jobs well. They lack the ability and skill to think logically and clearly. Yet they are educated, so what is the problem? I asked him if they are more intuitive and feminine in their approach to their work, and he tells me that they are cold, hard, and lack the intuition that women are known to possess. They are neither here nor there.

It felt good to get this off my chest, and though I’m glad to have seen my sentiments written down in your column, I lament that it came from a male columnist. I wish to see more and more women speak out like this, not just Ann Coulter. Thanks for speaking the truth.

The thing that leaped out most in this letter from a homeschooling mother is how her literacy is far superior to that of the “educated” professional women who would likely look down on her lack of “education”. The time for the independent university would appear to be fast approaching.

I believe more women will begin to speak out like this once men begin to give them the support. Social acceptance is generally more important to women – it’s almost certainly more important to every single member of the commentariat than it is to me – and the Sisterhood have made it clear that they will do their level best to destroy the career of anyone who dares to commit the blasphemy of calling their massive, decades-long bluff.