Excising red from purple

And shedding no tears….

A former University of Wyoming football linebacker who played briefly with the Cincinnati Bengals, Fowler said he will live in the Twin Cities area — something the San Antonio-based McCombs didn’t do. He rejected any thought of moving the team.

That’s good to hear, although Red McCombs said much the same thing when he first entered the scene. Within two years, he was threatening to move to LA if the citizens of Minnesota didn’t give him a new stadium. I hope Fowler doesn’t follow the same stupid script, as I could write the idiotic, but inevitable pro-stadium arguments in my sleep now. I’m a little disappointed that Glen Taylor didn’t get the team, but he has no one to blame but himself. Value is subjective, Mr. Taylor, and it doesn’t matter what the financials say if someone else is willing to meet the asking price.

I’m quite sure the new Vikings owner will not live in the Twin Cities as a resident, though. The 9.5 percent Minnesota state income tax will surely prevent that… even though the St. Paul Pioneer Press weirdly insists that this has no bearing on who chooses to make Minnesota their domicile. Real rocket scientists, these journalists….

I once held a seat on the board of a Minnesota television station. Eleven of the thirteen board members had been long-time Minnesota residents but only two of the thirteen were still resident there. And one of those two was the station’s manager, who was forced to be there in order to run things.