Mailvox: No, you education major

Bill shows an astounding ability to miss the point:

I can’t believe this. For years now Vox has been bellyaching about how Bush won’t close the borders. Of course, in order to do this he has to convince Congress that it must be done, many of whose members have an ideological interest in America falling.

So, Bush is finally working on a bill that says “seal this hole in the borders – and damn the nit-picking wackos that get in the way.” And this is somehow a bad thing? Isn’t the EXACTLY what Vox has been advocating for years?

No, instituting an above-the-law Gestapo unanswerable to anyone but the Executive is not something that I have ever advocated for anything. I wouldn’t support instituting such a monstrosity for the express purpose of supplying me with daily cocaine, coffee, chocolate and Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, much less establishing de facto national borders.

It seems Bill has a problem differentiating ends and means. I presume that although he’d like to see Republicans win the next election, he wouldn’t like to see them do so by executing every registered Democrat on October 31st, 2008.

It is Bush’s own administration that has declared it has no intention of tracking down and expelling the millions of illegal aliens in the country. To argue that he has suddenly transformed himself into a damn-the-torpedos champion of the borders defies credibility.