Mailvox: Nate sums it up beautifully

“Nick.. exactly how long have you been reading Vox? Live and Let Live? When exactly has he, or any of us, said that? The fact that we do not support occupation and nation building, has nothing to do with peacenik tendencies.

We’ve advocated going in… killing everyone, and breaking everything, and leaving.

That creates a power vacuum that the remaining primitives must battle to fill. In a few years… when one finally rises to power, we go back, and do it all again. Ya see.. if our enemies are constantly fighting each other, then they aren’t fighting us.

I’ve never had a problem with the theoretical war on radical expansionist Islam that the Dear Leader constantly swears up and down that he is not fighting, as much as his strongest supporters would like to pretend he is. I have been and will continue to be a virulent critic of nation-building, which I note that many of the Dear Leader’s strongest supporters condemned when it was Bill Clinton leading the charge for it in Bosnia and Somalia.

Very little of what is happening in Iraq indicates a war on the jihad. A Shiite Iraq where the most extreme elements are on the leash of the government mullahs is not going to reign in the jihad over time, it is simply the establishment of a second Saudi Arabia. Nick B is very concerned about Wahhabism; strange that he does not note that the Dear Leader is Very Good Friends with the sect’s chief defenders, the Saudi royal family.

Remember Rule Number One. The official story is never the true one.