Mailvox: Lay down the crack pipe

Nick B gets a little carried away:

So far, 72% turnout. Compare to the high turnout in our own last presidential election…


I shall be very impressed if anyone manages to discover, within the copious amount of my scribblings floating about the Internet, a single opinion expressed with regards to the likelihood of the Iraqi turnout being high or low, still less the desirability or importance of such a turnout.

There will be more on this tomorrow, but it’s important to keep in mind that voter turnout was always much higher in the Soviet bloc than it is in the United States. Of course, there the violence was threatened if you declined to vote instead of the other way around. The point is that I’ve never been interested in the turnout percentage since that’s completely irrelevant compared to the more important questions yet to be answered.

For whom are the people voting, and will the winner(s) be permitted by the occupation coalition to take sovereign power?