It’s just a matter of time

Somewhere in the shadows of the White House and the Capitol this week, a small group of super-secret commandos stood ready with state-of-the-art weaponry to swing into action to protect the presidency, a task that has never been fully revealed before.

As part of the extraordinary army of 13,000 troops, police officers and federal agents marshaled to secure the inauguration, these elite forces were poised to act under a 1997 program that was updated and enhanced after the Sept. 11 attacks, but nonetheless departs from how the military has historically been used on American soil…. The precise number of these Special Operations forces in Washington this week is highly classified, but military officials say the number is very small. The special-missions units belong to the Joint Special Operations Command, a secretive command based at Fort Bragg, N.C., whose elements include the Army unit Delta Force….

A civil liberties advocate who was told about the program by a reporter said that he had no objections to the program as described to him because its scope appeared to be limited to supporting the counterterrorism efforts of civilian authorities.

Oh, well as long as its scope appears to be limited, I’m sure it’s fine. Where do they find these naive idiots? I don’t know when and I don’t know why and I don’t know what reason will be given to the public, but I have no doubt that these super troopers will eventually be shooting Americans who want nothing more than to mind their own business.

Doesn’t it bother anyone that the past predictions of the paranoid tin-foil brigade are proving to be far more accurate than those of the nice, normal, mentally-balanced naysayers? Secret commando force operating inside America? Whooh, I bet they fly in black UN helicopters with alien pilots!