Run away, run away!

The Fraters Libertas lament a Voxless syndicasphere:

It is with dismay we note the chasing of Vox Day from the marketplace of syndicated columnists (or as he would say – and did say – So much for dreams of media whoredom.)

I understand our man VD may not have been everyone’s cup of tea (he’s more like a gallon jug of grappa), but when you compare his abilities and output with the majority of gainfully employed syndicated opinionoscenti, the injustice is clear. I find it hard to believe there aren’t more people out there interested in thrice weekly Vox Day ruminations than, say, the edgy conventional wisdom recycling of a Neal Peirce or the cornpone BS radicalism of a Molly Ivins.

Beyond an original and entertaining prose style, Vox’s main asset is logical thought and consistency of philosophy (which happens to be libertarianism) and the practical application of such to real world conditions. He takes the time to think through scenarios and to make sure his arguments make sense before he promulgates them. No one can easily do a “gotcha!” on the guy (which is the soul of blogging, perhaps explaining why he never became prominent via the fishing expeditions of those desperate for easy material).

While I do very much appreciate the kind sentiments expressed by so many people, rest assured that this comes as neither a surprise nor a disappointment to me. I don’t expect my political writing to appeal to most people; given the fact that only 400,000 people voted against the bi-factional ruling party last November, it’s clear that my views are in the extreme minority.

And that’s just fine. Either I’m on the leading edge and more and more Americans will finally begin to see the necessity of pursuing freedom and liberty or I’m just another radical outlier, to be safely marginalized and ignored. I am content to leave dreams of television cameras, political power and 20-second sound bites to those who value such things and continue to write the truth as I see it.

One may have 10, 1000 or one million readers, but the text remains the same.