More contrasting views

A naval commander agrees:

Well said, Mr. Vox Day. I just wrote Pat Buchanan for also writing a tough questioning article on the U.S. policy in Iraq. I thought he was the only conservative out there with the courage to express an opinion different from the administration. I see that he wasn’t the only one and that you did a fine job too.

I am a retired Navy commander, Annapolis graduate, conservative and Christian. I think what we are doing in Iraq borders on lunacy…. a pie in the sky dream of establishing a democracy that will “make the desert bloom” and be the envy of all the other Muslim dictatorships…. hmmm. Hasn’t anyone seen what has happened over the last 56 years where a democracy was established in the heart of the Middle East that actually did make the desert bloom and is the envy of all the other countries in the area? Yes, Israel. Israel hasn’t made all the Muslim Arab countries want democracy. Anyway, great article, keep being courageous!!

And RT wants to declare war on the unsupportive half of America as well. I find his notion that we will lose more liberties by bringing our troops home and not engaging in permaware to be… interesting, assuming that one defines interesting as bizarre to the point of being almost completely contradictory.

What’s up Vox !! We can’t win when half the population wants to cut and run at the first sign of resistance. But I guess the LIBERALterrians and Commie liberals have now joined forces to make sure America loses ANOTHER winnable war. If we cut and run we can be sure of losing more liberties here at home (where the new front will end up) and then our troops WILL be needed here. I prefer to keep the fighting over there where we can draw these radicals to the flame and slaughter them. If we could just get Boxer,Kennedy,Gore,and now you to go to the flame we might win, though it would be tough without such fine Americans of such intestinal fortitude.

My central point is that THE WAR IS ALREADY WON! The Hussein regime is toast. The WMDs are either no longer there or were destroyed long ago. The current nation-building program was never successfully sold to the American people nor have they embraced the notion of sacrificing American lives for it.