Mailvox: diverse views

FB commends yesterday’s column:

As a veteran and the father of two career military officers, I want to thank you for saying what must be said.

While WH thinks it’s real simple and I’m real dumb and probably disloyal:

You “Win the Peace” by defeating the enemy. It’s the ONLY way you left wing half-wit


Yep, anyone who questions the Dear Leader’s wisdom is clearly a left-winger. Quick, someone phone the Joint Chiefs, WH has the answer! All we have to do is defeat the enemy! How extraordinary that no one ever thought of that before! JJ, meanwhile, doesn’t seem to follow through on his own logic:

Just to pacify my curiosity, do you honestly think that pulling out of Iraq will solve the violent situation in the Middle East? Son, you need to get your head out of the sand; those people have been killing each other long before Jesus Christ was a thought in Gods mind! I seriously doubt pulling out will stop them now.

No, I don’t think anything will solve the violent situation in the Middle East, including American troops occupying Middle Eastern countries. But I’d rather they occupied themselves with killing each other, as they are wont to do when not provided an external enemy, instead of American troops.