In case there was any doubt…

…that none of these irate ignoramuses have ever read my work and that they know nothing about me:

I am a Jew. And I will be happy to accept any challenge to a good, old-fashioned fistfight.

See, it seems that reason doesn’t work. It seems that facts don’t change minds. Why can’t we earn your respect through our good works? Well, I am not a passive man. I’ll fight fire — and anti-semitic people — with fire. You want a fight? Bring it.

It’s fun to read all you have to say in a blog, but I dare any of you to state your hate to my face.

Sure, I’ll be happy to read every column I’ve ever written that even mentions Jews to you as well as my recent posts, right to your face. Should you still feel the urge to fight me – I can pretty much guarantee you won’t – we can certainly bang. Send me an email with your city and I’ll let you know when I happen to be in the area.

Most people don’t like their odds in taking on former NCAA D1 sprinters turned martial artists, especially not those who bench 300+, but I’m always up for a round or three. And if you happen to kick my ass, well, that’s fine. You don’t spend six years doing full-contact without getting beat down two or three hundred times.