Big bad bold liberal Jews

Arielle is sick of the fly-by name-callers:

Far be it from me to propose censorship, but I know I for one would not mind if you deleted comments that are nothing but juvenile insults from this thread.

No, I quite prefer to let these clueless morons hang themselves with their words and vulgarities. If they:

1) Haven’t read anything I’ve written before but conclude on the evidence of a single post that I am a Jew-hater;

2) Don’t recognize the sarcasm inherent in the title of the post that has their panties all in a bunch;

3) Don’t believe that any individual Jew can be criticized for anything;

4) Believe that the Holocaust was A Bad Thing but increasing the power of central government is a good thing;

5) Think it’s a good idea to allow governments to define who is and who is not human;

6) Are dumb enough to try to create an enemy out of one of their few openly public defenders;

7) Think I’m anything but amused by their little hissy fits;

Then I’m quite happy to let them stew in their fearful, self-righteous ignorance. I wonder if they post this way on Muslim blogs that are actually anti-Jewish, or if they’re too chickenshit to stand up for themselves or the metaphorical Jew unless they know they won’t get hassled. The ironic thing is that I haven’t seen a response this stupidly poisonous since the Council for American-Islamic Affairs modified a quote to imply that I wanted the IDF to kill Palestinian children and launched an email assault against me.

Interestingly enough, the Muslims were marginally more civilized.