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Top 11 Ways to Console a Despondent Packers Fan

11. Even if Brett Favre does retire, it’s hard to imagine J.T. O’Sullivan throwing more than four interceptions against the Vikings secondary.

10. They can’t take away your 2004 NFC North Division Title.

9. Mike Tice will probably keep his job making it easier to beat the Vikings next year.

8. You still won the season series against the Vikings 2-1.

7. None of your players left the sidelines with two seconds left.

And as long as we’re speaking of the Packers’ loss, the Fraters Libertas pointed out the fact that the fake moon on Sunday wasn’t even the most egregiously tasteless Vikings celebration. Antoine Winfield was likely (clearly, I would say), making reference to Najeh Davenport’s little laundry incident with his actions subsequent to his first interception.

Furthermore, Tony Dungy not only explains why he took no exception to Randy Moss, but even explains the significance behind the behind.