Mailvox: Or not so much

I’d like to be a fly on the wall at a party with Vox, SB, OC and White Buffalo. I’m thinking the conversations are … interesting.

SB: So, how are you? Have you been doing any writing?

OC: Some. Nothing too serious, just the occasional bit like the Hitchhiker’s or that Potter piece that Vox has been slacking on.

SB: That too? Hmmmm. Been shooting lately?

OC: We got down to the range a few weeks ago. How’s your Glock treating you?

VD: I told you I could match up with the Cocktails! I HAD them. See, if my matchups hadn’t been so horrible in the first round I would have won the whole thing!

WB: Could have, should have, would have. I don’t see no ring on that finger! I don’t see no ring! Anyway, no one made you draft Peerless Price and Jerry Porter.

VD: You seriously want to talk draft, Mr. Randall Cunningham #1 overall in 1999? Mr. “I drafted Kurt Warner and Kelly Holcomb in 2003”?

WB: Did I mention that I don’t see no ring? (flashes cubic zirconium-encrusted finger)

OC: What are those two going on about, anyway?

SB: You so don’t want to know.