Daniel Pipes learns that Me-So’s full of it

I heard back from Daniel Pipes:

>>While I very much respect your work, please don’t

>>make the mistake of depending on anything

>>Michelle Malkin has written.

I did a little more research and found her reply to your critique at http://michellemalkin.com/archives/000489.htm

That, of course, is her post of September 6th. So, I sent Mr. Pipes the following excerpt from my September 27th column:

Now mistakes – even howlers – are made by every columnist from time to time. But when egregious mistakes are compounded by evasive half-truths, it raises real questions about whether they were honest mistakes at all. On WBAL radio last Tuesday, Ron Smith asked Michelle Malkin how she would be responding to my challenge to debate the question of military necessity. She backed down, saying:

“I won’t be doing that. I have already addressed those questions on my blog.”

However, the only posts at michellemalkin.com related to the question of military necessity were made on Aug. 6 and Sept. 6. I did not join the growing number of Mrs. Malkin’s critics until Aug. 18, and I did not even send her my list of 10 specific questions until Sept. 8. The truth is that she has never successfully addressed a single point that I have made with regard to her many factual inaccuracies and erroneous assertions, on her blog or anywhere else.

Daniel Pipes is a courageous writer. Considering that he bothered to look into it, I have no doubt that he’ll soon reach the same conclusion that so many others have, that Malkin is a clueless purveyor of equine ejectus.