Mailvox: The Bush supremacy

Zink can’t find the plot:

How can you say the socialists/homosexuals/secularlists are winning in America when Bush and the GOP have just had HUGE victories?

Because the president and the GOP leadership are neosocialists who believe in big government – albeit only for the right purposes (rolling eyes) – who are generally more comfortable with secularists despite their toothless religious proclamations and are more concerned with appeasing ACT-UP than advancing any conservative Christian agenda.

I find it strange to have to repeatedly remind adults of this, but it is not exactly uncommon for people, especially politicians, to say things they do not mean. George Bush actually speaks more truthfully than most, which is why his conservative supporters are often explaining to people like me that he DOESN’T mean what he says.

The victories that Bush and company have had are electoral. The victories the socialists and secularists have had are substantive. The first can lead to the latter but the two should not be confused and the relationship is not necessarily causal.