It’s on, baby

John Derbyshire relates a personal experience:

Interesting new angle on this at the weekend. Boris was taking me for my daily walkies when, coming towards me, I saw three persons. Two of them were “nodding neighbors” — I mean, we smile and greet each other, know each other’s names, but have no other intercourse. The husband is a college professor, the wife I don’t know. They are very “blue” and their car bumper still sported a Kerry sticker last time I looked. The third member of their party was a guy I do not know, but whose turn-out fairly screamed “ACADEMIC!” Beard, long hair, open plaid shirt, fuzzy sweater, jeans pitched at just the right level of college-teacher scruffiness, sneakers ditto.

Well, as they came up to me the husband & wife both smiled & said “Hello!” I chirped back: “Hello! Merry Christmas!”

Stony silence. Smiles vanished.

All I have to say is this: make the Holly Haters work. You hate Christmas, then you get to work that day. And Christmas Eve. And the day after Christmas… assuming they’re all weekdays, of course. You don’t have to be a Christian to celebrate Christmas, but how can anyone expect time off for something they’re not only not celebrating, but downright oppose?

“Happy Holidays” is not a polite and inclusive gesture, it’s simply the latest PC fascism brought to you by the thought police.