Me against the machine

Space Bunny refuses to take sides:

Vox won’t be stopping by much today. He’s wrestling with his new machine. I’m not sure who’s winning at the moment.

I got knocked down, but I got up again. It’s never going to keep me down… but have I ever mentioned that Windows SUCKS!!!!! After eleven months of freedom, having to deal with it is nearly sending me off what little remains of my rocker. (My FC2 CD 1 tested bad media… come on, BitTorrent, we’re at 110 of 692 megs now.)

But this thing is a veritable beast. Nothing with a 1680×1050 LCD can really be described as a laptop. I’d hate to meet the woman’s lap that this would fit on; you could fit two Space Bunnies across the screen. The 3D performance is top notch, even so, we’re pushing it hard and had to open up the AGP aperture full throttle just to keep things moving properly.

The sales guy was pretty impressed when he realized we had actually managed to bring his previous uber machine to its knees. He said: “to be running out of texture memory, you’d have to be throwing more than 200 megs at a time at it.” To which I replied, “yeah, 303 megs, to be exact.” At that point, he agreed to take the previous machine back and exchange it for this one, which, to my relief, suffices for the nonce.