Oh, relax

RJ gets dramatic:

Scott, very true, I do understand why they see us that way but I think the opportunity for a great alliance is being lost because of that theological viewpoint.

The Bible preaches “Love thy neighbor” and I do beleive most Christians love Jews because of that, but beware, they may love us but as I am learning from many posters here, they certainly don’t like us or want us as part of their lives.

The distinction between celebrants of Christmas as a celebration – however historically inaccurate – of the birth of the Savior and non-celebrants is neither controversial nor insulting. Jews deserve to be lumped in with atheists and Muslims in this regard, just as I would expect to be included with atheists, Muslims and Hindus as a non-celebrant of Hannukah. Moreover, we are all non-celebrants of Kwanzaa; I’ve never actually met a single person who celebrates that fictional holiday.

Not to rely on a cliche, but Space Bunny worked as a nanny for a Jewish family for eight years and lived with them for six. Never once has religion been an issue in our friendship and we have attended their religious ceremonies just as they have attended ours. I quite like the give-and-take aspect of their synagogue, to tell the truth, it’s an element that the Christian church might do well to consider adopting in place of the one-way lecture from time to time.

The problem as I see it is that Jews with public influence need to stop doing two things. First, to stop insisting that every mention of Christianity is either an insult or an attempt to establish a theocratic Christian state. Second, the Jewish figures of import of Hollywood need to stop overtly and covertly attacking Christianity. I am no anti-Semite, but the vicious attacks on Mel Gibson and his faith by Abe Foxman, the ADL, Jewish media figures and Hollywood momentarily made me feel some sympathy for the medieval kings who periodically kicked the Jewish people out of their kingdoms.

I have lived as part of an overwhelmingly outnumbered ethnic minority. (In Japan). One does not have to be a bootlicking sycophant, but if you do not behave with respect for the majority in their own land, it is difficult to argue that you deserve much sympathy when someone steps on you. One need not necessarily do as the Romans do when in Rome, but if you decide to take it on yourself to piss on Caesar, don’t be surprised when his Praetorian Guard takes a dim view of the matter.