Mailvox: I don’t wish to offend, you see

Ralph pronounces judgment:

Your article on militant Christmas is juvenile–you are going to boycott department stores that have a holiday theme as opposed to a Christians only theme? Grow up. Further, Christians are not the only ones who beleive in God’s miracles, and by stating that Hanukah is a holiday inspired by “magical” oil, is a clever little slam at the Jewish religion in general.

Jesus would not approve approve of this and the entirety of your hostile article towards other people. Jesus taught peace, humility, and acceptance, you clearly teach none of those and are not a Christian because you don’t follow Jesus’ teachings. By the way, while you are busy telling others to “go get their own holiday”, you should consider going to get your own Ten Commandments and God, something ingrates like you seem to have forgotten came from the Jews.

This paragon of omniscience with regards to eternal destinies and Jesus’ approval nevertheless appears to have missed the point completely. I was not discussing the unquestioned right of Jews, or anyone else, to celebrate whatever they want, I was discussing the intentional attempt of non-Christians to prevent Christians from openly celebrating Christmas.

Furthermore, who said anything about a Christians-only theme? Not me. Though if a store is decorated for “the holidays” but has gone to the trouble of systematically eradicating every mention of Christmas, why should I purchase my Christmas gifts there? Why, the mere fact of doing so could be downright offensive to someone!