If you want free fiction

Chris Naron is heartened by the literary contributions:

I’m about to turn in after reading the first three. I have to say, those were worth reading. And I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say what I’ve read so far is far above any of the contrived “Christian genre,” as you put it, I have read in recent years. Actually, I can’t say enough about your work. Why, may I ask, are you not on every shelf?

That’s a question perhaps better directed to my publisher. Or better yet, to a Christian media that would rather complain about Dungeons & Dragons or Harry Potter than devote any coverage to genuine and reasonable alternatives.

The main reason my books read very differently than books like Peretti and LaHaye-Jenkins is that as a novelist, I am a Christian who writes in the science fiction and fantasy genre, I am not a writer in the Christian genre. There is a significant stylistic difference.