Mailvox: the silver lining in school abuse

CA explains why he is a homeschooling father now:

Thank you for reporting on the statistics of child abuse. Last year my seven-year-old son was verbally and emotionally abused by his first grade teacher. When he began saying things like “I want to die” and “just shoot me” in the morning before school I realized something was terribly wrong. Today is our FIRST day of homeschooling, he is not going back. I met with his new teachers last week. They told me how frightened he was of them. When a teacher approaches him, he either jumps to the opposite side of his desk and crouches down in the floor or runs to the back of the room and hides in a corner. I explained to them some of the things that happened last year and of course they didn’t believe me.

His first grade teacher is a monster and should be fired. I couldn’t go to the school board because this abusive teacher’s husband is a member. The principal and superintendent wouldn’t believe me. We have no way to stop this monster from harming more children. He has repeatedly asked to be homeschooled for about a year now. He says things like “they are pulling me back down the hill.” He hates school and is terrified of all teachers because of what one monster did.

Ironically enough, that monster may have done CA’s son a favor. Now he’ll receive a proper education from people who love him, and in eleven years not only will that teacher be forgotten, but he’ll have missed eleven years of maleducation and destructive socialization. CA’s son is one of the lucky ones, as his parents have been forced to confront the evil of the system instead of being lulled into complacency until it is too late.