I wonder if he regrets his vote

Joseph Farah hits the president hard:

If John Kerry had been elected president, I suspect there would be much more concern being expressed about a Council on Foreign Relations effort to destroy U.S. sovereignty with an expansion of the North American Free Trade Agreement that analysts agree would effectively eliminate U.S. national borders.

In other words, radical plans are afoot. Radical actions are being taken by the Bush administration. And these insidious plots are progressing almost without criticism under the cover of the Bush administration.

I’m still of the opinion, however, that the time to warn people of the danger’s posed by George Bush is BEFORE the election, not after. Kerry is and was a bad man, but bad men cause good men to react. Those perceived as good men don’t. Based on the Nixon-to-China principle, it’s entirely possible that Bush will prove to be a worse president in his second term than he was in his first. I hope not, but it would be silly to suggest that this is impossible.