Faith in dead logic

Runner is running out of time:

For example, I have faith that Queen Elizabeth I existed. I have never seen her, heard her voice, or anything like that. Yet, rationally speaking, I have to believe that she did exist.

faith is an irrational belief in the unseen. Your lack of logic is so profound I feel I can no longer respond to it. You have knowledge that the Queen exists. Not faith.

You can go see Queen Elizabeth. Pictures of her exist. Tapes of her voice exist. You have solid evidence.

Anyone who considers this to be sufficient evidence has to be technologically illiterate. The digital age is slowly but surely destroying the notion that you can trust what your eyes and ears tell you. Within fifteen years, we’ll be able to push so many polygons that you’ll be able to produce an animated audio-visual image of Hillary Clinton having sex with George W. Bush that would convince anyone who saw it that it happened.

Even if it never did. Time is running out on your argument, Runner, assuming it hasn’t already.