Me So Michelle gets freaky

Okay, so Media Matters gets one right every now and then:

From Michelle Malkin’s November 10 column:

“[A]s New York Times editorial writer Adam Cohen seemed to suggest in a derisive profile of Jindal, minority conservatives are regarded by the mainstream media elite as “freakish” — no matter how impressive their resumes or resounding their electoral victories or moving their personal stories are.”

From Cohen’s October 12, 2003 New York Times “Editorial Observer” titled “A New Kind of Minority Is Challenging Louisiana’s Racial Conventions:”

“California’s new governor [Arnold Schwarzenegger] has been grabbing all the headlines, but Mr. Jindal’s odyssey has been nearly as remarkable. At the age of 32, he has an almost freakishly impressive resume: at 24, he was running Louisiana’s hospital system. But perhaps more notable, in a state where an ex-Ku Klux Klan grand wizard, David Duke, made a real run for the governor’s office, Mr. Jindal is the dark-skinned son of immigrants from India.”

Malkin is going to become a serious embarrassment to the right if she doesn’t learn to stop playing fast-and-loose with the facts. I realize a lot of you like her stuff – although I’m skeptical that she’d be as well-received if she looked like Bob Novak – but she’s not only a historical ignoramus who doesn’t do her homework, those who remember her response to my debate challenge know that she has a dishonest streak as well. “Freakishly impressive” is a complimentary adjective, as Randy Moss and Jevon Kearse, two NFL pro-bowlers of whom have been known as “The Freak”, would testify.

Sure, it’s true that the legacy media is troubled by minority conservatives, as they don’t want blacks, gays, Asians and Jews riding the freedom train off the left-liberal plantation. And because it’s true, it’s totally unnecessary to stretch twist a quote in order to prove the point, unless your idea of research for a column is limited to mining Lexis Nexis.