No, NPR’s not liberal

All Things Considered’s Michele Norris was on NPR during the election campaign. But she was not doing any politics. She did mostly nonelection stories — a lot of them. A number of listeners and colleagues wondered why.

The reason was simple. Norris’ husband, Broderick Johnson was a senior adviser to the Kerry campaign. For that reason, NPR management decided that Norris should not do any political interviews.

Of course, a liberal not doing political interviews is still a liberal. A liberal talking about football is still a liberal, and it’s not exactly hard to pick them out when they do their annual sports stories about how more quarterbacks/coaches/owners need to be black.

According to FAIR’s analysis, Michele Norris talking to Jonah Goldberg on the air should be scored 1-0, conservatives, proving that NPR is conservative. What a crock of absolute bovine ejectus.