Wish I’d thought of that

Among the legacy media, the mood is what it must have been inside the Kremlin the day after the Berlin Wall fell. Lost power, diminished influence, and the sinking feeling that a lot of people can now ignore you. The term “legacy media” is a precise one. In the computer biz, “legacy systems” are old, outdated, and must be replaced if their purpose is to be served. It’s happening in the media, and the process is accelerating. The legacy media — CBS, the New York Times, and the rest — are rapidly losing their Red State market share to Fox, the Washington Times, and the Internet. Advertisers will cling to some of the legacy media because their audiences remain large. But their power to sway opinion has become so small that the migration of audiences to alternate media will soon deprive them of their financial strength.

Legacy media. I like it, especially since they are definitely not mainstream. Consider the term official in my book. Along with ABCNNBCBS cabal, of course.