Tuesday AM NFL

1. The loss to Indy should settle any questions about Randy Moss being a necessary component of the Vikings offense. The Vikings are good without him, they’re just not unstoppable.

2. I’m not sure that the problems in Miami are entirely Dave Wannstedt’s fault, but his resignation is probably the best thing at this point. If Miami is smart, they’ll make a play for Drew Brees if San Diego decides to go with Rivers, because their fans are fed up having to suffer with sub-par quarterbacking ever since the sun set on the Dan Marino era.

3. Judging by the relative lack of success of the Carson Palmer project – at least compared to Kitna last year – San Diego might be wise to trade Rivers instead. The grass isn’t always greener and the fact that one thing is working doesn’t mean another thing will.

4. Pittsburgh looks good. Really good.

5. Mike Martz isn’t the genius. Bill Belichek is. Forget the two rings, he coached Martz’s pants off on Sunday. Martz is a great offensive coordinator who’s been promoted beyond his ideal level of competence.

6. I would never dare to count Bill Parcells done, but there does appear to be a giant fork sticking out of his back. Or maybe that’s Vinnie Testaverde’s, who would be a great backup quarterback but is just too old to be a starter anymore.

7. It was funny listening to Phil Simms commenting on the Patriots-Rams game and mention that Sean Landetta was punting for the Giants back when Simms was winning Super Bowls with them. Running backs may get a lot more glory, but a career as an NFL punter is probably the better bet. Not that most of us are likely to face a choice in the matter.

8. I have no clue what to do with regards to when picking a game featuring one of the following teams: Detroit, New York Giants, Kansas City. Never bet on the NFL. Any Given Sunday isn’t just an empty phrase.

9. Philadelphia, meet The Real Terrell. Has Vegas laid odds on McNabb punching him in the face before the end of the season? McNabb made all the right noises after the game, but this was just the first time Owens has lost it. We’ll see if he’s as patient the second, third and fourth times.