Hunting the RINO

Bob Novak writes:

The Republican base would have been even more infuriated to read the full press conference transcript confirming Specter’s litmus test: “I have said that bluntly during the course of the campaign and before. When the [Philadelphia] Inquirer endorsed me, they quoted my statement that Roe v. Wade was inviolate.” He suggested that “nobody can be confirmed” who does not accept abortion rights. Thus, Specter’s and John Kerry’s positions are indistinguishable….

That puts Frist, who has been criticized for his management of the judicial confirmation debacle, on the spot. He is considering asking the full Republican Conference to waive term limits for Hatch. The majority leader also may let Hatch keep his chairmanship temporarily to handle any immediate Supreme Court vacancy. Frist could mobilize a majority of the Judiciary committee’s expected 11 Republicans in the new Congress to breach seniority and bump Specter.

Any so-called Republican who believes Roe v. Wade is inviolate deserves to be violated. Repeatedly. With a large, splintering Louisville Slugger lubricated with pine tar. Even back when I was a Young Republican, I vastly preferred and harbored more respect for honest Democrats than the despicable and lamentably unendangered RINO.

It’s time to say sayonara to both seniority and Specter. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist’s number is 202-224-3344. His email address is: