An axe for Arlen

NRO’s KLO is on the rampage:

Conservatives, as we have seen, won this election. Many of you personally played no small role in that. Why should Republicans stifle their conservative base by putting Arlen Specter in as judiciary chair? There is no reason. If there was some deal cut that he would be judiciary chair, it seems to me he broke it yesterday. Some might want to give him the benefit of the doubt. (Not me.) Maybe Specter just wanted to keep the liberals who supported his reelection bid off his case, so he issued his warning to the president on the day of his victory (and a very conservative victory across the nation, at that). Fact is, we only know what he says. And I, for one, will take him on his word.

So, simply put, Arlen Specter cannot be judiciary chair.

If you agree—if you agree that good men and women cannot be kept off the Supreme Court because they are against abortion (disqualifying, for starters, any faithful Catholic, many evangelicals, Muslims, automatically…)—call and e-mail Bill Frist (and your Republican senators, if applicable) today. I’m pretty certain an overwhelming outcry from conservatives in the next few days is the only way Arlen Specter can be kept from becoming a huge obstacle.

So get to work. [Senate Majority Leader Bill] Frist’s number is 202-224-3344.

I can’t stand Arlen Spector and I’m not even a Republican. But for those of you who are, I’d encourage you to let Sen. Frist know that seniority or no seniority, Arlen Spector is not an acceptable chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

This is his email contact and his email address is: