Mailvox: the Republican God

JD sees God in a Republican image:

You support the Libertarian party in voice and vote if not in party assignment. I’m sick and tired of people attempting to deny allegiance for some foolhardy notion of objectivity. Cold or Hot, lukewarm is not. The constitutional party while novel in its approach does warrant the same affiliation you and others appropriate to the Libertarian Party. Let’s be clear.

What about fully (albeit passively) legalizing abortion, gay marriage, drugs, prostitution and gambling is in line with the teachings of the Bible? Please explain this to me and your readers. Does liberty equal license for these lost souls? According to the Word – by no means!

Let’s stop this charade and get down to business. If you don’t vote for Bush you are stepping on the gas peddle weather you can feel your numbed foot or not.

JD’s argument reveals a serious failure to understand the Bible. He is conflating morality and legality. Step back a second and consider: God certainly has the ability to force us to obey His Law, (think about it as the law of gravity, not the law of the land), and yet He does not. He gives us the ability to choose to obey or not, and to subsequently experience the natural consequences of our actions.

That’s precisely what libertarians advocate. You can use drugs, if you wish, but you will risk experiencing the natural consequences of your addiction, just as God permits men and women to sin against Him and to subsequently experience the natural consequences of their sin. A God made in the Republican image would not permit people to sin against him in this manner. JD understands this on some level, or he would not use the weasel word “passively”. Allowing another human being to make a decision to sin should never be confused with committing that sin yourself; the two things are entirely different.

No man can send another’s soul to Heaven or to Hell. This does not stop some from trying either one or the other.