Mailvox: no real difference

“Vox, even a libertarian pitbull like Vin Suprynowicz (Vin’s the sort who believes that the 2nd Am means *personal nukes* are legitimately allowed for) can figure out that Bush needs to win this election over Kerry…”

He doesn’t need to win it, he doesn’t deserve to win it and it makes very little difference to the country who does win it. The fact that Suprynowicz understands proper political theory does not mean that he knows his history or understands how the theory has played out in the real world.

For the Nth time, you media-mesmerized folk dwelling in the political matrix need to understand that both men belong to the same elite and share the same long-term goals. It’s all a charade and Bush=Clinton=Bush=Kerry. Do you realize that the same fake dichotomy is set up in almost every European democracy as well? Chirac and Jospin were the bifactional ruling party’s two candidates in France during the last election, but when huge voter disgust and low turnout allowed the populist Le Pen to sneak past Jospin, the supposedly virulently opposed Conservatives and Socialists immediately united behind Chirac in the run-off to ensure his victory.

Perhaps when George Bush introduces a variant of Hillarycare and we see pro-choice justices seated on the Supreme Court in his second term then some of you will begin to believe me. Obviously the UN support, the Wilsonian nation-building and the new Medicare entitlement wasn’t enough.