Stupid Bush, stupider critics

The Original Cyberpunk waxes annoyed:

So I’m in the local Blockbuster the other night, returning some DVDs. It was a slow night, and the clerks were ignoring me and talking with each other while I was popping open cases and making sure my kids had put the right discs back in the right boxes. As I snapped the last case shut and dropped it down the return chute, I began to pay some minor attention to the clerks’ conversation, and that is when I heard one of them utter the most absolutely amazing statement:

“No, dude, I cannot vote for George Bush, ’cause, like, I am so much smarter than him.”

This, I must admit, caused a moment of sheer stunned silence on my part. I wondered: should I just shake my head and go off to look at the new releases? Bite my tongue and quietly leave the store? Or should I slap that little turd down without the slightest hint of mercy?

“Ah, I see. You’re smarter than a Harvard MBA. That must be why you’re a fat, pimply guy with a greasy pony-tail who works for minimum wage at Blockbuster.”

I do find this sort of thing ironic. I mean, the man has an IQ of around 120 as far as we can tell. That’s underwhelming if you’re looking for the perfect philosopher-king, sure, but it is significantly above average. And yet, manifestly sub-par intelligences don’t hesitate to describe him as a dummy, (although to be fair, dim bulb conservatives often do the same with Kerry).

Intelligence isn’t everything, but it is not reasonably hard to discern. Jokers of the sort that the OC is writing about are only revealing their own complete lack of it when they spout off such wonderfully illuminating opinions.