Week 7 picks

Last week: 8-6. Overall: 50-36. Fantasy: 3-3.

W-Philadelphia Eagles over Cleveland Browns

W-Minnesota Vikings over Tennessee Titans

L-Indianapolis Colts over Jacksonville Jaguars

Denver Broncos over Cincinnati Bengals

L-New York Giants over Detroit Lions

W-Baltimore Ravens over Buffalo Bills

L-St. Louis Rams over Miami Dolphins

L-Seattle Seahawks over Arizona Cardinals

W-Tampa Bay Buccaneers over Chicago Bears

W-Green Bay Packers over Dallas Cowboys

W-San Diego Chargers over Carolina Panthers

W-New Orleans Saints over Oakland Raiders

W-Kansas City Chiefs over Atlanta Falcons

W-New England Patriots over New York Jets

Last week started off unbelievably badly but we almost ran the table on the last seven games to salvage a respectable 8-6 finish. Despite last week’s thumping of the Grizzlies, we’re still trailing the White Buffalo by 13 points in the pool and we’re well off the pace of the leaders.

UPDATE – Good picks, bad shuffle. 9-4 so far and an easy fantasy win. Not perfect, but not bad either. A Denver win and we’ll pass up the White Buffalo and get back on the right side of the Annabella line. I’m kicking myself for the Seattle pick; I’d given serious thought to Arizona because I like their defense but didn’t follow through on at least backing down the priority.