Thief, thief!

I finally got around to adding a specific Northern Alliance section… including the man who stole what should have been MY space in the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Mr. Craig Westover. (I wrote a game review column there for five years and I’ve since been turned down for editorial space there by not one, but two editors in succession.)

Craig’s stuff is very good, though, and he’s probably a much better choice for the op/ed page at a mainstream newspaper since he’s got the patience to pay attention to the process details with which I can’t be bothered. That and he’s significantly less likely to inspire left-leaning pitchfork-wielding mobs of DFLers to storm Cedar Avenue looking for him.

I do find it mildly amusing that the Pioneer Press keeps importing people from out of state – inferiority complex, what inferiority complex? – but all the same it’s good to see that there’s at least one right-thinking individual spilling ink on the paper’s sacred editorial ground.

Check out his new blog and you’ll see what I mean.