So shouldn’t they all vote for him?

From the Washington Times:

American voters, while split over who should be the next president, overwhelmingly predict that President Bush will vanquish Sen. John Kerry, an expectation that could affect the outcome of a close election. While the various national polls show that voters prefer the president over Mr. Kerry by an average of four points, those same surveys place Mr. Bush some 20 points ahead on the question of which candidate is expected to win.

“This could be a big cause of concern for Kerry,” professor Vicki Morwitz of New York University said. “If people really think Bush is going to win, they may have a slight tendency to shift their preference and ultimately vote for Bush, even though they were a Kerry supporter to begin with.”

Of course, by the strange logic of Republican Party cheerleaders, who always assert you should only vote for someone who is expected to win, everyone in the country should vote for Bush now. Just like they all voted for Clinton instead of Dole.

My 46-34 record of NFL picks this season renders my predictive skills suspect, but I’ve been saying that Bush will win easily for months now. That doesn’t mean I’ll vote for him, of course, because I don’t support anything he’s done in four years except for his tax cut.