An editorial suggestion

Anthony Lobaido writes a fascinating tale of mercenary corporations active in Africa:

During its early years, the Clinton administration officially frowned on mercenaries, soldiers serving for pay in foreign armies or at the behest of private firms. The U.N. passed formal legislation outlawing groups like Executive Outcomes.

Yet white-led mercenary armies, like EO and its UK-based sister Sandline, comprised of mostly elite South African apartheid-era special force and British ex-SAS, have proven unbeatable in wars in Angola and Sierra Leone. As mentioned, the ANC used the apartheid-era special forces to destroy their old anti-Marxist enemy UNITA in Angola in the early 1990s.

Fighting in Angola in 1993, a small cadre of 30 to 50 white EO mercenaries defeated a well-dug-in UNITA force of 500, backed by Moroccan special forces at the important and strategic oil city of Soyo. Those mercenaries would fight and win the war in Angola “in only 15 months, this after the entire South African Defense Force could not win it outright over the course of 15 years,” Luther Eeben Barlow, founder of EO, told WorldNetDaily.

The truth is, the “yet” should be changed to “because”. Until the global institutions can control them as easily as they can control national militaries, Private Military Companies will be in official disfavor with the ruling elite.