Mailvox: Three Monkeys howl

CR reveals an inferiority complex:

Honest conservatives earnestly hope — I believe more than you – that the truth will out — and, if Bill O’Reilly is guilty he deserves to be thrown off television. However, I think it quite obvious that you are already celebrating — and hoping. I believe you already do — and always will — believe what your biases lead you to believe.

You are no more holy than any other blogger — however great you may think yourself to be. I do believe if you had any smidgeon of honest humility — you would never brag about your mensa affiliations to us lesser mortals.

Methinks you just brag too much. Go take a hike.

Yawn… another idiot whose IQ is so low that he thinks the mere mention of MENSA is bragging. I’ve repeatedly written that O’Reilly is a fraud; if he isn’t exposed for one this time, he will be soon enough. And he won’t be thrown off Fox News even if Mackris has the tapes and proves her allegations, we’ll just see Bill do the tearful apology bit, go on a brief hiatus and quickly return to the cheers of Three Monkey Republicans. They see and hear no evil of their own, that’s what makes them what they are. The Rush Limbaugh drug scandal will be the model for this affair, if the allegations are true.

MW revises history:

Are you really equating “l’affaire O’Reilly” with Slick Willy’s, ahem, indiscretions? Are you that hard up to prove your “libertarian, anti-establishment” bona fides to whomever?The facts are that we have no facts about the O’Reilly thing, other than that a lawsuit’s been filed. In time we may have some, but as of now, we don’t … none. Anyone can file a lawsuit, for any reason, for the cost of the local county’s filing fee — that’s the only requirement.

In the case of Clinton, there was quite a bit of evidence adduced as to his culpability — and, of course, there were MULTIPLE instances, and Clinton’s eventual (in the face of overwhelming evidence) mea culpas…. So, based on the record so far, conservatives are supposed to assail O’Reilly so as to appear, if you will, “fair and balanced”? Shouldn’t they wait until there’s more, uh, evidence of his culpability before tearing him a new one in print?

Gee, that’s not how I remember it. Conservatives were all over the media long before there was anything public with regards to Slick Willy, let alone filed in court. They didn’t even know Paula Jones name at first, let alone Monica Lewinsky’s. In the present case, we have extremely specific allegations which O’Reilly is not denying, detailed transcripts and a timeline that Occam’s Razor suggests was a successful attempt to get O’Reilly on tape. Note that conservatives are not DEFENDING O’Reilly, they are instead strangely silent on what is both a matter of public record and a potential scandal involving a major media figure.

I suggest that the conservative media should behave exactly as it did on previous occasions. To do otherwise is to exhibit the same partisan hypocrisy of which they have accused the mainstream media on many, many occasions.