Nine NFL points to ponder

1. Michael Vick is massively overrated. The stupid practice of anointing “superstars” before they’ve accomplished anything – anything at all – simply has to stop. I particularly loathe the idea that a quarterback who is a superior athlete is therefore a superior quarterback. You’d think the Kordell Stewart Experience would have taught those media bozos something. I’d much rather have Drew Brees, (8 TD, 2 INT, 100.0 Rtg), behind center than Michael Vick, (2 TD, 3 INT, 77.7 Rtg) right now.

2. Donovan McNabb has upped his game, without question. But he still can’t touch Mr. Culpepper.

3. Any running back can go for 150 combined yards in the Denver or Minnesota offenses. I think I saw Imelda Marcos going for 90 and 90 against Houston on Sunday.

4. I thought the analysts were smoking crack when they picked Green Bay to win the NFC North, but I never dreamed that the Pack would start out 1-4. It’s strange to think it, but we may have already seen Brett Favre’s last playoff game. At this point, they don’t look as if they’ll be able to catch Chicago for third in the division and they haven’t even played the Vikes yet.

5. The Patriots are unbelievably solid. It’s great to see a reminder that team play is more important than unproven “superstars” manufactured by the NFL’s marketing department. But you know Tagliabue is pulling for Indy to knock them off this year. I don’t see it happening. Peyton Manning may yet learn to win the big game, but as the Sports Guy says, you’ve never heard anyone say that Tony Dungy outcoached anyone. Belicheck, on the other hand, is fast approaching Pantheon status.

6. Seattle may have ruined its entire season with that fourth-quarter collapse. Everyone was wondering if they were for real after that 4-0 start. Not so much, is apparently the answer.

7. The Saints are impressively dysfunctional. Over the last three years, I’ve never seen a team perform so erratically. Tampa has looked atrocious this year; I still can’t figure out how New Orleans managed to lose to them.

8. Arizona is going to be a good team in two or three years. People forget that Denny built most of his playoff teams around defense prior to the arrival of Randy Moss. He’s doing the same thing in Arizona and based on what I’ve seen of McCown’s play, he’s likely to be doing the same plug-n-play quarterback thing too.

9. Surprisingly, the Lions don’t suck this year. They should not be mistaken for a potential playoff team, however.