Random thoughts on media coverage

As vociferous as my opposition to the Bush administration is, even the supporters of the Kerry campaign give me the willies. I watched about two minutes of Forbes on Fox, and this little androgynous quasi-male was lying so badly about how Kerry and Edwards would take on the trial lawyers that he couldn’t even look at the camera. Not only that, but he went out of his way to sneak in a reference to Halliburton, which just sounded desparate and stupid in the context of the conversation.

Talking points are good, but not when you are completely ignoring the subject at hand when asked a direct question. Combining that behavior with a visually disturbing sexual persona makes you wonder who on Earth wanted to put this little lump on television.

Nobody wants to see that. Nobody.

By the way, one reason that the media is blacking out Badnarik’s campaign is because he does not pay his Federal income tax. One writer on NRO’s Corner wondered why Badnarik’s failure to file hasn’t been hammered on by the press; it’s because allowing a man who teaches classes on the Constitution to speak publicly on the subject would demolish the grand charade. Just to give one example, if you file a Freedom of Information Act request to get your IRS Master File and have it decoded, you’ll find that you are classified as a corporation engaged in taxable activity.

For example, one acquaintance of mine just learned to his surprise that he is, according to the IRS records, a corporation manufacturing trucks for export.