Mailvox: tinfoil and the truth

BLS senses suspicion:

Vox, I’m confused by your posts. Your comments that Bush grounded the Air Force and that NORAD should have known what was going on in US airspace sound as if you believe Bush had prior knowledge of the attack but chose not to act.

Are you advancing a Coventry theory of 9/11? That Bush knew of the plan to use airliners as bombs but decided not to act in order to preserve some intel asset? Are you advancing a Psychopath theory? That Bush knew of the plan to use airliners as bombs but decided not to act because he’s just plain evil?

What theory are you implying?

I’m implying nothing, simply stating some obvious facts and raising obvious questions. I don’t know precisely what happened, nor with whom the responsibility lies. Bush did not ground the Air Force as far as I am aware, but the Air Force was grounded nevertheless, apparently due to the drill that NORAD was running. NORAD and the FAA almost certainly knew that something unusual was going on in US airspace, especially after the first plane turned off its transponder. Given that NORAD’s system of radars and satellites can pick up very small objects and are designed to track very fast-moving missiles, it’s the height of folly to insist they couldn’t find four lumbering airliners whose maximum speed, takeoff time and takeoff location were known.

The truth will eventually come out, just as it has about Pearl Harbor and as it is in the process of doing with regards to OK City and TWA-800. And the official story will prove to be wrong in some significant manner, though precisely how I cannot say.

The frequently heard cry of “tinfoil” is nothing but the fearful cry of those who are afraid to look directly at the facts as they are. Governments have not only killed their own people before when they find it to be in their interest, but they do so with great regularity. In fact, 40 percent of the member states of the United Nations have killed a statistically significant percentage of their population in the last century, including “civilized” countries such as Spain, France, Germany and Mexico, as have the majority of the UN Security Council.

It is only the argument that the possibility of what is quite normal behavior for governments the world over is somehow unimaginable here that is crazy.