Mailvox: 100 percent unrecommended

Porcus holds back the tears

I was sad to see Vox Popoli didn’t make the NR 2004 Recommended Blog list.

I didn’t even know that National Review had such a thing, but considering that only Ramesh responds to my emails these days, I wouldn’t exactly have been holding my breath anyhow. I think, as did Ann Coulter and Joe Sobran before me, I’ve rendered myself beyond the pale in their eyes. So be it.

It would be difficult for me to be less concerned about it. I’d already ended up letting my subscription lapse since I wasn’t even bothering to read the magazine anymore. I enjoy Goldberg, Nordlinger and Derbyshire, and I also like Ponnuru and VDH, but that’s about it. They’ve turned into complete Republican lapdogs, for the most part, as capable of turning on a dime in response to their master’s voice as their Democratic counterparts. I stopped by NRO today, as I usually do, and didn’t see what looked like a single article worth reading.

Instead of standing athwart history shouting stop, they’ve been transformed into Three Monkey Republicans echoing Michael Ledeen. “Faster, please!”