Mailvox: 1 of 1 principals surveyed agree

MP writes:

As a school principal in a small community with easy on and off access to Interstate 70, I read with great interest your article. I feel that the only way to deal with the possibility of terrorism in schools is to allow all teachers and administrators to be armed; just like the Israeli’s did after Arab terrorists shot up their schools. Thanks to our treasonous federal and state governments, we are sitting ducks. I only hope that I can get to the weapon locked in my truck in the event of such an attack, like the principal in Pearl, Mississippi! If nothing else, I will continue to try to get my wife to let me send my children to private school or homeschool them.

If 9/11 is any indication, even a Breslan in the suburbs won’t be enough to permit armed teachers in the public schools. I was fully expecting to read a full-on rant when I read the first words of this email; parents convinced of the adequacy of the public system might want to rethink the issue if even school principals want to homeschool their kids.